Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Mid-term tomorrow, 8:15am daily meetings, and an increasingly long list of responsibilities at work. But, at least I had a little bit of time to make the Little Goose her lunch. Primarily from leftovers, we had bibimbop last night and I put aside a container for the LG. And so we have we have from top and clockwise, over steamed white rice:

lightly steamed garlic carrot shavings,
sliced galbi (korean bbq shortribs),
sliced steamed cabbage,
steamed sugar snap peas,
and topped with toasted sesame seeds and a little cucumber bunny.

Unfortunately, no gochujang since the LG doesn't like anything spicy. :sigh: One would think that a half Vietnamese, 1/4 Korean kid would love spicy...must be the Japanese side.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring Rolls for Spring

Holy cow! It's been over two months since I've posted here. Unfortunately, it's mainly because I've been extremely busy and posting lunch has fallen by the wayside. I still make bento on a regular basis for the Little Goose, but they haven't been nearly as "fancy" or "fun" and I've gotten a little lazy about the whole process of taking and uploading pictures (yes, I'm ashamed to admit that).

But here we go! One bento and one cute kid pic!

In the bento we have:
-Dried cranberries
-One apple "bunny"
-Banana chips
-Vietnamese spring rolls stuffed with lettuce, shredded chicken, and carrot flowers (yes the flowers are wrapped inside the spring roll)

Sweet Pea turns 2

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Anti-Climatic Return!

Oh wow, it's been over a month since I've posted here. Although I've been making bento lunches for the Little Goose in the past month, they have not been as fancy or pretty and so I have not been posting any pictures. Also, I've been super busy with school and work so I haven't had much time to devote to just lunch, it is a lower priority than spending time with my kids and getting some sleep after all. Anyhoo...unless I have some time, the lunches will probably be a bit simpler than they have in the past. For example, this one here. We have:

-One mini-orange blossom with a Reese' Pieces center
-Stewed carrots over rice
-Vietnamese braised beef ribs
-More rice (but loosely star shaped...for that extra oooh, obviously =)

PS I did get a brand spanking new to me 19th century antique cypress wood and lacquer bento box that I'm hoping to use sometime soon. It's for an adult's lunch which I've never really done before, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. When I do, I'll definitely post it here.

For today's pic, here's the Sweet Pea enjoying a nice cool shot of soy milk. No, it was not my idea (it was my mom's I swear!). But we've got a large shot glass collection. We might as well use it for something and they make the perfect toddler sized glass...if only they weren't breakable.