Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Little Helper

The Little Goose was sick on Friday and stayed home so there was no lunch necessary. Poor girl, she's really into school right now and was very sad to have to stay home, but we felt she had to have some rest (and not spread her germs to the other kids). She's feeling much better today and was able to help me make/pack her lunch for tomorrow. The things we make keep relatively well in the fridge overnight as long as the bento is closed but I'm not sure about this one as it has asian pear in it and I'm not sure if it'll get slimy or not (will have to check in the morning).

In the top layer we have two rice hearts, a scrambled egg heart (I wanted to pack her some chicken but the Little Goose insisted on helping me scramble some eggs), some peas and carrots, and asparagus spears underneath with mini soy sauce bottle not shown.

In the bottom layer we have one sliced strawberry, asian pear slices and flowers, dried mango flowers, and chocolate mushroom cookies. I completely forgot to put some lemon juice on the asian pear so it began to brown even as I was taking the picture. This is the first "bento" that the Little Goose has helped out with (I hope I'm not offending any Japanese people who follow the true definitions of bento packing) and she wanted to have her picture taken with it.

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