Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Short Snack

Wednesdays are short days for the Little Goose at school due to teacher meetings or something. Thus, on Wednesdays, she only gets a short snack time rather than a full lunch. Hence, the return of the teeny tiny bento. Is it bad when the dessert pack is the same size as the lunch portion?

- Meiji Hello Panda Strawberry cream filled biscuits

- Teeny broccoli florets
- Honey BBQ Chicken Wings
- Baby Corn
- Baby Carrots
- Mini Seedless grape skewers

Yeah, it's sort of funny, the Sweet Pea certainly thought so. =)


emigre said...

So adorable! The food and the boy!

Superha said...

Just found this Bento sidebar (daddy in a strangeland's wife raved about it) and I am ridiculously impressed. The Chumps is lucky if I remember to pack her sippy most days. You're amazing.