Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Mid-term tomorrow, 8:15am daily meetings, and an increasingly long list of responsibilities at work. But, at least I had a little bit of time to make the Little Goose her lunch. Primarily from leftovers, we had bibimbop last night and I put aside a container for the LG. And so we have we have from top and clockwise, over steamed white rice:

lightly steamed garlic carrot shavings,
sliced galbi (korean bbq shortribs),
sliced steamed cabbage,
steamed sugar snap peas,
and topped with toasted sesame seeds and a little cucumber bunny.

Unfortunately, no gochujang since the LG doesn't like anything spicy. :sigh: One would think that a half Vietnamese, 1/4 Korean kid would love spicy...must be the Japanese side.


Superha said...

YUMMY! And oh so cute, too. Glad SP liked his gifts. He looked bewildered amid all the toys. :)

a.J. ("( 'o', ) said...

very very yummy & HEALTHY!

ephelba said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting these things. Please don't feel guilty for not posting when you're busy- that's what archives are for:) Just today my son said he wanted to start keeping a record of what he ate for lunch so that when he couldn't think of something he could go back and get an feels like the hardest part of cooking is just thinking of something to make, and your blog has given me lots of ideas. Thank you so much!

allthingspurple said...

oh, but what a cute half vietnamese, 1/4 korean boy you have there !!!

was bloghopping and found your blog. love your bento meals !!!

Kneesoxrock said...

Is that cucumber a turtle? It looks like a turtle. I LOVE turtles! It is so cute, even if it is not supposed to be a turtle. Turtle.
Thank you for making it. Turtle.