Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Mid-term tomorrow, 8:15am daily meetings, and an increasingly long list of responsibilities at work. But, at least I had a little bit of time to make the Little Goose her lunch. Primarily from leftovers, we had bibimbop last night and I put aside a container for the LG. And so we have we have from top and clockwise, over steamed white rice:

lightly steamed garlic carrot shavings,
sliced galbi (korean bbq shortribs),
sliced steamed cabbage,
steamed sugar snap peas,
and topped with toasted sesame seeds and a little cucumber bunny.

Unfortunately, no gochujang since the LG doesn't like anything spicy. :sigh: One would think that a half Vietnamese, 1/4 Korean kid would love spicy...must be the Japanese side.