Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ariel and the Big Ol' Butt

Despite my incredible dislike for Disney's Little Mermaid, the Little Goose loves her songs and so I had to buy this Ariel tupperware from the Disney Store. I'll have to admit it's pretty cute, but good lord, how the heck do you stuff a shell shaped container? I think I did ok, not too many open spaces.

In the top compartment we have fuji apple "rabbits", a red bean filled bao topped with a fuji apple flower and cilantro leaf, and one date. In the bottom compartment, we have two turkey and cheese rolls (basically turkey, cheddar slices, lettuce, and some mayo rolled in a tortilla and silced) topped with oshinko, carrot and cilantro flowers; baby carrots, and olives topped with more carrot.

Of course, we also have one of the lids (each container has its own and they're stackable) with the princess most in need of a good time out. I mean seriously; dude! She runs away from home at 16 and sells herself to a witch (might as well be a pimp or madam), for some dude who doesn't know she exists, whom she's only seen twice and must seduce and risks her father's business and thereby the whole ocean and therefore the WORLD. Yeah, Ariel needs some slapping. I'd break my corporal punishment rule for that. Some role model for young girls. At least she can sing.

And today's baby pic? Baby butt y'all. Is there ANYTHING cuter than a baby's butt? (Clean butt.) I'm going to miss the big butt when he's potty trained (no we're not starting yet, but it'll happen soon enough and then it'll be gone gone gone!).


ptitétoile said...

Everything you're doing/baking is really beautiful and looks yummy !
Keep on !

"BoRegard" aka GentlyFeral said...

Hiya. This is a comment on all your writing generally: you sound like someone I wish I knew. So glad to hear you're in Oakland; I'm in San Leandro. Discovered you through

Natakiya said...

Your commentary on the disney princesses almost mirrors my own. I can't stand them and I really hate the mass marketing that puts them in our childrens faces everywhere! So far A-chan (she's just turned 2) hasn't seen any disney movies or shows and I hope that will continue for a long time. *crosses fingers*

She is definately turning into a geek like her parents, her true loves are Star Wars & Anime. :)

I'm very glad to know that I'm not the only mother who hates the disney princesses!