Friday, November 17, 2006

Meatball Madness

Ok, so just a quick description since I'm SLEEPY. This is the first time I've been sleepy before 2am in DAYS and so I'm definitely going to just lie down and snooze for a bit and hopefully get more than 5 hours of sleep for once.

Top box:
-Steamed broccoli
-Edamame skewers
-Steamed carrot heart
-Teriyaki chicken meatballs (We just buy the pre-made kind from Costco, the Little Goose likes them and they're easy to heat up so it's perfect, next time I use them I'll note the brand as I'm rather forgetful right now.)
-Carrot flower with edamame center, broccoli stem, and edamame "leaves" over rice

Bottom box:
-Half a madeleine
-Grape skewers

Good night! =)

PS Many thanks to Ngoc over at Cooking Cute for the edamame skewer idea. Her site rocks. Check it out if you haven't already at

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