Monday, November 06, 2006

First Onigiri

Ughghgh...I hate Sunday nights. It means Monday morning which means work work work. At least I now have a hobby whereas before the hobby was parenting and work. Now I parent, work, go to school, and make lunch. Progress. =)

On top, we have a tuna (cooked, canned tuna with a tiny bit of soy sauce) mama onigiri, a baby boiled onigiri shaped egg (I used an egg mold, pretty cute and cool, but not always perfectly effective. I don't think I used a big enough egg as it didn't turn out quite as triangular as I'd hoped). Some carrot flowers with celery round out top layer. These are my first attempts at anything related to onigiri. Considering I didn't use sushi rice or anything, I don't think it will be very easy for the Little Goose to pick up and eat and so I'm going to provide her with a fork. I hope she likes it, I'm packing a little bottle of soy sauce on the side just in case it's a bit too bland.

On the bottom, from left to right, we have a red bean filled daifuku (aka mochi), rambutan (aka milder, fuzzier, lycheeish tropical fruit), and a mini orange (satsuma, I think that's how you spell it) blossom with a sour skittle center.

No photo of either kid today. 1) They weren't sitting still long. 2) We didn't think to take a photo today. 3) We suck at taking pictures of our kids. The whole point of this was to remember to take a picture a day of the children. So far? Laziness 1 Documentation 0.


equinox said...

The mama onigiri & baby onigiri turned out very cute.

Your kids are darling too!

honglien123 said...

Thank you!