Thursday, November 30, 2006

Leftovers At Last

So we finally have a leftover dinner bento. Okay, so it's not turkey, but Chinese food is just as good. Plus, the Little Goose has another new bento box. This one was only $4.99 at a trinket store in near Ranch 99 in El Cerrito (different store from the one I got the Snoopy box from, I really ought to remember these store names!)

Top box:
-Brown rice topped with carrot flowers with mint leaves. I REALLY need to learn how to garnish with something other than carrot and in shapes other than flower (although this one I cut using a paring knife). Or at least, if I'm going to stick to the flower thing, I should make them more elaborate.
-Leftover almond chicken with a sprig of mint

Bottom box:
-Grape skewers (love those skewers!)
-Rambutan (last can!)

No kid pics because I'm busy busy busy busy busy these days and I don't see them much while they're awake. =(

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