Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chicken curry out in the open...

A friend of mine sort of gave me a hard time about putting chicken curry under rice last week so this week, it's out there in the open. Free.

And so, on the left we have chicken curry topped with curry sweet potato stars, rice topped with curry potato flowers, and two shu mai with steamed sweet potato stars.

On the right, we have pear hearts in the shape of a flower with a strawberry tip center and pear peel leaves. Additionally, I added a babybel cheese. The Little Goose has never had these and so we'll see if she eats it or not, she generally likes cheese so I think we're ok with having it in her lunch. I ended up packing more pear and strawberry hearts in this container so that the "flower" would stay put, but I like the uncrowded simplicity or this picture and so here it is. Someone asked if the Little Goose actually finishes her lunch and the answer to that is, "rarely". She's never been a good eater, but I'm usually happy if she returns home with at least one bite taken out of everything. The bento boxes are actually a lot smaller than they look in the pictures and so it's really not that much food.

Today's toddler pic:

Halloween the aftermath...

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