Monday, November 27, 2006

Pooh Platter

:sigh: The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over, it's back to the grind for all of us and back to bento for this little blog. We ended up not having any leftovers from Thanksgiving and so I had to actually cook something for today's bento. It's a new classic pooh (at least, I think that's classic pooh) bento box that I ordered on eBay and it came all the way from Hong Kong. Very cute eh? The contents may seem very simple and paltry but they are some of the Little Goose's favorite comfort foods; eggs, rice, and peas. Usually, she has this combo with a bit of soy sauce in fried rice form, but I thought I'd present it a bit differently today.

Top portion:
-Asian pear with a sakura flower carved into it with a persimmon center
-Persimmon slices under the asian pear (my husband's father, paternal grandfather, and maternal grandmother each have their very own twenty something odd year old persimmon trees and it's persimmon season and so we are swimming in this delectable fruit)

Bottom portion:
-Rice topped with oshinko sakura flower with a carrot center
-Mini omlets (tamago) topped with carrot flowers

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Anonymous said...

Pooh bento box is cool.