Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy Thursday

Ok, so I'm not being lazy today, work and school are just kicking my butt. I'm not even going to begin to think about how the baby is now sick with a cold/flu/some illness or other. It's just one of those weeks. At least we have Thanksgiving to celebrate next week and you know what that means...leftover bento! Wheee!

The Little Goose gets the whole of next week off from school though, I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do with her for all that time since the hubs and I still have to work. We'll see, maybe we could just stick her in the bathroom...I kid! I kid! More than likely, she'll be babysat with the baby with some TV books, crayons, and crafts to keep her busy. I may or may not make her fancy lunches next week. We'll see.

Today we have in the top box:
-Vietnamese braised pork ribs (my mom made them), very yummy
-A Steamed medly of veggies including chayote, sugar snap peas, and carrots

In the bottom box:
-Asian pear
-Loacker chocolate wafer cookies


Rachel said...

Yum! I love looking at your bento boxes. I can't believe you have time to make them.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Found you via Nina's blog. I LOVE THESE photos! I really enjoy looking at them!

Carol said...

Meatballs are a big favorite here, too, for lil' T and for me - so easy. We go through bags and bags of the Trader Joe's turkey meatballs. I think those teriyaki meatballs are made by a company called "aidell's". I've seen (and sampled :-) ) them at Costco.

Beautiful bento box - I bet LG can't wait to open her lunch everyday.