Monday, November 06, 2006

A Life without Green

Somehow over the last few days, our normally green veggie loving household veggie-less. Thus, this rather orange and white looking lunch. I do consider us lucky however as what would this look like witthout all those carrots?

On top we have a pear flower with a haw flake center. If someone knows what the heck a haw is, please let me know as I have no idea. I believe it's a fruit but I've yet to find an English name for it, all I know is that these flakes are yummy and I've liked them ever since I was a little girl. It's a nice feeling to pass along things that I enjoyed as a kid to my kids that aren't really all that mainstream; as if we had a secret lifestyle just between us (and a few billion other Asians around the world, but hey, this is my American fantasy that no one else exists). Anyway, we also have...lessee more haw flakes with a carrot flower for added color because if there's anything we have a lot of its carrots and we have some mini milk and honey biscuits.

On the bottom we have a veggie char siu bao, a carrot star border, some shiu mai topped with carrot stars with oshinko centers(Japanese pickled radish), and some steamed enoki mushrooms underneath the shiu mai. On the side, we have a mini bottle of sweet and sour sauce.

For today's kid pic, we have the Little Goose herself. I still can't believe she's a kindergartener already. Sometimes I feel like I totally miss her life these days due to work and school, but sometimes I get sweet moments like this, when she'll wake up for a few minutes and make a silly face for me.


-hanh- said...

I want you to be my mommy... or at least older sister!! Looks fun AND delicious!

honglien123 said...

Thanks, it is pretty fun (for my anyway) and doesn't taste half bad. The Little Goose ends up eating it throught the day so it's more than just lunch.