Monday, November 13, 2006

Lazy Monday

It is Monday, my lazy day; made lazier by the fact that the Little Goose was off Friday for Veteran's Day and so I didn't have to make a lunch for Friday. Somehow on Friday, I never think that Monday will come so soon and then it does and I'm totally unprepared for it, hence this simple lunch.

For my lazier-than-thou lazy ass friend S (who is a "visual" person and refuses to read my posts, but wants to know the contents of the lunches), I've decided to list the contents in list form, easier for her to peruse.

Left container:
-Sakura flower shaped mini PB&J sandwiches on multigrain wheat toast (yes, toast, that's how we eat it in my family, don't ask, no, we won't be enlightened)
-Baby carrots
-Sakura shaped rice crackers
-Pretzel sticks
-Arare/rice crackers

Right Container:
-Orange jelly filled mini cake
-Kiwi butterflies

No kid pics today, lazy Monday remember?

1 comment:

Kate said...

When I was growing up, if we were served a sandwich of any type on plain bread, untoasted, we'd look at our mother with a confused expression ... did the toaster break? Toast was just an extra step of sandwich goodness. Even now, we consider untoasted sandwiches to be extra lazy.