Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taste the Rainbow

In light of yesterday's shameful lack of green and colors outside of orange, I ran to the grocery store for some additional color for the Little Goose's lunch. And so without further ado...

On the left we have from top to bottom, a pumpkin shaped egg, to chicken teriyaki meatballs, a massive amount of steamed broccoli, and three teeny tiny onigiri stuffed with braised pork and sweet potato with tiny carrot sun, moon, and star garnish. Carrot and oshinko stars top off everything.

On the right, we have a few blueberry and rasberry skewers, a satsuma orange blossom (we still have a ton of these little oranges so I'm just trying to get rid of them; luckily the Little Goose loves them), and an orange jelly filled mini cake in the shape of a maple leaf. You gotta hand it to those crafty Japanese and their cute snacks.

For today's toddler pic, we have bed head.

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