Thursday, November 02, 2006

Banh Mi

I've been feeling really ill all day and had to leave work early because my body just felt like it was going to fall apart on me if I didn't. Did this stop me from making lunch for my little girl (who gave me this little bug in the first place???); of course not. Nothing fancy though.

On the top we have two mini Vietnamese banh mi cha lua, which basically means Vietnamese mortadella sandwiches. As with classic banh mi, we have sliced baguette. I've stuffed it with cha lua (mortadella), carrot and cucumber slices. I didn't dress it with anything as the Little Goose doesn't actually care for mayo or mustard or anything like that. Extra mortadella and cucumber hearts on the side.

On the bottom layer we have sliced strawberries, pear, and a cheddar babybel. The one from yesterday turned out to be a big hit, and so I might end up packing these every now and then.

I didn't take a picture of either kids today. I know, I'm a bad mommy, there's no excuse really. (Other than the fact that I'm sick and I was trying to sleep it off ever since I got home.) Therefore, here is a picture from the past, one of my favorite in fact. It was taken in February at a Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Oakland during the Lunar New Year. The Sweet Pea was still just a baby then who could only crawl, not run, and the Little Goose was still a part time preschooler. :sigh: What a difference 8 months makes.

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